Screencasting – The Flipped Classroom

There has been a lot of talk about the Khan Academy lately. The idea is to “flip the classroom” – have the students view the instructional material at home, as many times as they need to in order to master the material, and then spend class time doing what was traditionally the homework – so the teacher can supervise and insure that the students are doing the work properly. It also frees up class time for more in-depth discussions.

I decided to give it a try with Talmud.  My first attempt is HERE. (Switch to full screen mode for the best viewing.)

I made it with two programs: the first is just Powerpoint. If you do not own PowerPoint, you can use the free, online Googledocs Presentation program. (You’ll just need internet access and a free Google account. More information here.) If you prefer a free, computer-based program, try Open Office.

The second program is Jing. Jing is a free program that you can download. When you activate it, it will create a video of whatever is going on on your computer screen. You can narrate as well, if you have a microphone (many laptops and webcams have them built-in). When you are done, it will provide you with free online video hosting and a link to the video to send your students

All I did was run a PowerPoint slide show full-screen while narrating the slides, recording it on Jing. (You can tell it’s a maiden voyage – I didn’t realize until afterwards that the Jing controls were accidentally visible in the video).

It is a lot simpler than it sounds. And the kids got a kick out of it.

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