Davka Writer-style Phonetic Keyboard for Word

Several teachers have told me that they would switch to Microsoft Word, but they do not know the standard Israel keyboard, nor do they have the time to learn it.

My first reaction was, “What if your students didn’t want to learn something new?” But then I remembered that teachers make the most annoying students. 🙂   (By the way, if you would like to learn to type on a Standard Hebrew keyboard, HERE IS AN ONLINE GAME THAT WILL TEACH YOU THE KEYBOARD.)

Download and Unzip this file (double-clicking should work).
DoubleClick on setup.
Follow the instructions and allow the keyboard to install. (You can certainly do this at home; I am not sure whether the tight controls in school will allow you to do this, or if I have to install it for you. We’ll experiment after Sukkot.)
When you switch to Hebrew (Alt+Shift) you will see a little keyboard next to HE in the Language Bar.
Click on the little keyboard picture and you will see 2 options:
Choose Hebrew – Custom.
Now Word should type in Hebrew just like the Davka Phonetc keyboard with the following exceptions:
a) None of the letter will have a dagesh in or over them.  So “u” and “o” and “v” will all give you a plain-vanilla “vav”.
The same for “p” and “f”, etc.
b. The אותיות סופיות are accessed by hitting Shift and the regular letter – so (when in Hebrew) Shift+N = ן; Shift+X= ץ, etc.
If you are in need of online texts to copy and paste into Word, try Snunit.
If you’re looking for more, try my website,  jkuperman.com

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