Log Me In – for when even Dropbox can’t save you


This morning I needed to give my students a document that I had given out to other classes in the past. A quick search of Dropbox revealed that I haven’t distributed that particular doc since I switched to Dropbox. 😦

Luckily, I have Log Me In.

Log Me In is a program / app that allows you to access your computer at home (provided it’s turned on – hey, technology can’t do everything for you).

You install the free version at home and register your computer, setting up a log-in and password.

Install the app on your iPad (or access your account through your desktop at work) and you can log in to your home computer. You will see the screen of your home computer; then you can scroll and click on any item.

WARNING! Depending on how fast your internet is, the connection can be delayed and kind of choppy. I wouldn’t advise it for trying to watch a DVD remotely.

So this morning I found the pdf I needed, clicked “SAVE AS” and had it saved to my Dropbox folder, and was able to open my Dropbox in class and print it out for the the students.

Although there are paid versions of LogMeIn which offer more features, I have been very happy with the free version and have no plans to upgrade.

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