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Sharing a Dropbox File

To share a Dropbox file from your computer:
Right-click it and select Share Dropbox File.
A link will be saved in your Clipboard. (It’s like Ctrl+C or highlight + Copy)
Right-click in the e-mail you are sending, select Paste (or position the cursor and hit CTRL+V) and a link will be placed in the e-mail.
When your recipient gets the e-mail, s/he may download the file or access it online in the browser window.

To Share a Dropbox file from your iPad:
Locate the file in your Dropbox app.
Press down on the screen and slide the file bar to the right.

Slide Right

Touch the icon that looks like a box with an arrow going up and select Copy Link.

Copy Link

Now go to you e-mail, press down and let up within the body of your e-mail and select Paste.