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If you’re crazy, and do not wish to take part in the fantastic offer that Gabi sent out to get Microsoft software for pennies, LibreOffice is a free, open-source personal productivity software for Windows and Mac.

LibreOffice will give you a full-featured word processor, presentation software (like Power Point), spreadsheet program, database, drawing program and a Math program, all for free. And it is fully compatible with Microsoft products, if you’d like to use this at home and bring in the files to edit or show in school. (But you’re going to get the Microsoft package, aren’t you?)

It’s also multilingual compatible and has a Hebrew dictionary for spell checking.

What’s the catch? There is none. It’s free. No ads, you don’t have to buy 12 more records, nothing. Use it, and if you don’t like it, uninstall it. And you’re none the poorer for it.

Nikud, the Easy-ish Way, Part Two

Gershom Tave, at Teq (the folks behind the software for the Smart Board) created a simplified Hebrew keyboard that replaces the numbers (in Hebrew mode) with the nekudot.

Clicking on SHIFT gives you all the letters ( that can take a דגש) with a דגש.

Click here for the file for your Windows keyboard.

Nikud, the Easy Way, Part One

Saw this on LookJED this morning. If you need to include a word with נקודות in a document, you can do the following:

Go to Morfix – type in the Hebrew word and click תרגום. The word will appear with proper nikud (you can ignore the translation)

And voila, the word appears in Hebrew with נקוד.

Close-up:Highlight, copy and paste!Morfix 3

Hebrew in Prezis

If any of you are interested in using Prezis (like the one Dr. Levisohn used in his introductory presentation) adding Hebrew can be daunting.

Here’s the “easy” way (you’ll see why I put easy in quotes soon enough)

Go to and search for Kuperman. You will find a Hebrew template. Save a copy to YOUR OWN account, and then click EDIT.

I have done the dirty work here of recoding the CSS to use the right fonts for Hebrew.


But, that’s not as tough as it sounds. Go to FLIP MY TEXT and paste in your text. Then by clicking a button, you can reverse the direction, copy it (CTRL+A, then CTRL+C) and then pasting it (CTRL+V) into Prezi.

Is it worth it? Only you can be the judge. Power Point does a good job for a lot of things, and handles Hebrew natively. Prezi has novelty on its side.

Hebrew Handwriting Recognition and the Smart Boards!

Finally, the Smart Board can recognize your Hebrew handwriting and convert it into text!
It can also do a mix of Hebrew and English BUT it seems that if they are both on the same line, the computer gets confused 😦
Your software must be updated to Ver. 10.8 – (Click Help | About Smart Board | Technical Support to double check). If it is not, please speak to Gabi.

Here is a video (about 13 minutes long) explaining how to do it.

Hebrew Handwriting Recognition

Or you can pop me an e-mail and I’ll come by and show you. 🙂